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Patrick Burke of Michael Graves Architecture and Design talks about renovating the Portland Building

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Posted: September, 2018
Author: Brian Libby

In this blog post written by Brian Libby for Portland Architecture, Libby sits down with Patrick Burke of Michael Graves Architecture and Design to discuss the recent renovation of the Portland Building. Patrick Burke goes into detail about working on the post-modern landmark with Michael Graves, and the challenge of improving the façade on the historic building.

“We said, ‘You should just fill that in with glass, either for a larger tenant or let the office space interior come up to the edge.’ Today’s glassy buildings you see the energy inside, and that adds to the life on the street. Now at the pedestrian level, the experience is held away.”

Benson Industries was selected to join the project team of DLR Group and Howard S Wright to re-clad the façade with a curtain wall system that aesthetically was faithful to the original look.

Read the full blog post here.

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