74 Trinity Place, New York City, Curtain Wall, Facade, onsite

Progress on 74 Trinity Place’s Glass Facade is Updated in New York YIMBY

Originally published on https://www.newyorkyimby.com/
Author: Michael Young
Posted: February 28, 2019

The glass façade installation on 74 Trinity Place in New York City has reached the 22nd level as Benson Industries is assembling the last modular curtain wall panels in their state of the art facility in Mexico. A recent New York YIMBY article mentions the building’s reflective exterior glass curtain wall and includes several progress photos. Designed by architects Pelli Clarke Pelli and Steven B Jacobs Group, façade installation on the tower is slated for completion in May 2019.

“74 Trinity Place is becoming more visible from the 9/11 Memorial as the curtain wall starts to reflect the sky.”

A earlier Benson Industries post on our website called “In Progress: Installation of Curtainwall Begins at 74 Trinity Place” details the bronze-colored aluminum façade and includes several earlier on-site photos of the building. You can read it here.

Read the full New York YIMBY article here.

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