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Owens Corning Highlights Three Benson Projects That All Have Incredible Safety Features

Title: The Surprising Link Between One World Trade Center and the Salesforce Tower
Originally published on www.architectmagazine.com
Posted: December 3, 2018

In a recent Architect Magazine article, Benson supply partner Owens Corning highlighted several projects which all have incredible safety features that meet SAFETY Act distinction. Architects, firestop contractors, and curtainwall OEMs, use materials with SAFETY Act designation to help provide indemnification from third-party liability claims.

Three of the buildings are Benson Industries projects (One World Trade Center, Wilshire GrandSalesforce Tower). Life Safety for our end-users, along with air and water performance, is integral to Benson’s high standards on custom curtainwall designs. Fire safety details are reviewed and validated by a Fire Performance Engineer as part of the Benson Process.

Angie Ogino, LEED AP, who leads the Technical Services “Insolutions” team of the Owens Corning Thermafiber group, notes in the article:

“Some (architects) think they can build a curtainwall that’s all vision glass and provide no protection at the perimeter joint, for example. Or, they believe that automatic sprinklers can serve as a trade-up patch for fire containment. That’s putting too much reliance on just one aspect of life safety protection. What happens if a fire suppression system is disabled by nature or terror?”

The article goes on to explain the many safety prevention concerns that architects design for – including fire safety, natural disasters, and anti-terrorism – all were considered in the designs of One World Trade Center, Salesforce Tower, Chicago River Point, the Steinway Tower and Wilshire Grand.

Read the full article here.

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