Benson Industries, Four World Trade Center, Glass building, curtainwall, New York City

A look back: 2013 B&C Northeast highlights Benson Industries impact on NYC

Title: New York Giants
Originally published in Building & Construction Northeast
Published: 2013
Author: Chris Petersen

In 2013, Benson Industries was featured in a Building & Construction Northeast publication that highlighted Benson as a leader in the curtainwall industry, specifically in New York City. The article touches on multiple major projects in New York City including the New York Times Building, Four World Trade Center, and One World Trade Center.

Benson Industries Vice President, Business Development, Jeff Heymann also expresses the significance of working on the Freedom Tower.

“It is of huge significance for our people back in Portland, and it’s a huge source of pride for us and the local unions who are working for us. You are reminded every day when you walk on the site of how important it is.” – Jeff Heymann

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