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  • Under Construction

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  • Original Facade

United Nations Secretariat Reclad

New York, New York


R.A. Heintges & Associates



Originally completed in 1952, the 39-story U.N. Secretariat building is the centerpiece of the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New York.  The building’s design was an international collaboration between 10 architects, led by Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier.  The east and west façades were originally furnished with blue-green toned uninsulated Thermopane...


  • Consultant

    R.A. Heintges and Associates

  • Floors


  • U-value

    0.35 (full typical unit)

  • Depth of System


  • Thermal Break

    screw applied

  • Glazing Frame Type

    4-sided captured

  • Glass Type

    1 1/4" VNE6-63, 5/8" argon

  • Design Wind Pressure

    Stress design: P = -77PSF mullions, P = -87 PSF glass Deflection: P = +50 PSF, -65PSF

  • Nominal Stack Joint Dim


  • Exterior Finishes

    PPG Duranar XL bright silver II, UC81605FXL (3 coat metallic), PPG Duranar black, UC99679 (2-coat non-metallic)

  • Interior Finishes

    Clear anodized - class 1 0.7MIL MIN.

  • Embed

    Steel assimbly welded to spandrel and beam steel

  • Anchor Type

    Hook-over extruded anchor, bolted down to steel plates welded off of top of beam

  • In fills / Special Material

    Active and inactive louvers, storefront and entry systems, aluminum roof screen

  • Project Type


  • Additional Type