The New York Times Building

New York, New York


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Fox & Fowle Architects, PC

AMEC Construction


The New York Times Building features screens that reach up each facade. The screens consist of ‘ceramic’ rods (actually alumina silicate which is used extensively in the HVAC industry for heating elements) with variable spacing responding to interior lighting and view considerations. Each rod is a complex assembly of a continuous internal support and rubber gaskets at each end...


  • Consultant

    Heitmann and Associates

  • Floors


  • U-value

    0.34 (full typ. unit)

  • Depth of System


  • Thermal Break

    screw applied

  • Glazing Frame Type

    4-sided captured

  • Glass Type

    1" or 1 1/8" VE13-2M, insulated & 1 5/16" insulated/laminated

  • Design Wind Pressure

    P = +47 PSF, -57 PSF

  • Nominal Stack Joint Dim


  • Exterior Finishes

    PPG Duranar gray
    DC41009 (2 coat system)

  • Interior Finishes

    PPG Duranar "color to match
    RAL-9003" (2 COAT SYSTEM)

  • Embed

    channel anchors in top of slab

  • Anchor Type

    Hook-over extruded anchors

  • In fills / Special Material

    Shade screen covers 4 elevations, milled brackets from oversized dies, exterior structure penetrates wall

  • Project Type