• Before Re-clad

Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building

Portland, Oregon


Cutler Anderson Architects

SERA Architects

Howard S. Wright Construction Company

GSA/Northwest Arctic Region 8

LEED Platinum


The facade provided by Benson for the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building modernization project sets a new benchmark for innovation and performance. The features of the exterior envelope play a prominent role in helping to transform the 1974-vintage office building into a LEED Platinum pillar of sustainable design.
Ample consideration was given to holistic design elements...


  • Consultant

    Howard S. Wright Construction Company

  • Floors


  • U-value

    0.22 (full typ. unit)

  • Depth of System

    203mm [8

  • Thermal Break

    Iso-Bar Cartige System

  • Glazing Frame Type

    Four-Sided Structural Glazing

  • Glass Type

    32.5mm [1 1/4

  • Design Wind Pressure

    P =

  • Nominal Stack Joint Dim

    +/- 19mm [+/- 3/4

  • Exterior Finishes

    Exterior (main):
    PVDF 70% Kynar PPG Duranar XL - 'night train'
    DC-42005XL (3-coat metallic)
    Exterior (trim):
    PVDF 70% Kynar PPG Duranar - 'black'
    DC-42006 (2-coat non-metallic, non-mica)

  • Interior Finishes

    Interior (horizontal Elements): PVDF 50% Kynar PPG flourocron - "frost grey", C-42002 (2-coat non-metallic, non-mica), Interior (vertical elements): PVDF 50% Kynar PPG flourocron - "deep river"
    DC-42003 (2-coat non-metallic, non-mica)

  • Embed

    Halfen channels w/steel angle and rebar reinforcements

  • Anchor Type

    Double anchored to aluminum double T' extrusion bolted slab, blast job w/blast spikes fastened into vertical mullions and sleeved into units above

  • In fills / Special Material

    Vertical reed wall exterior of skin, horizontal shelves shades, 229mm of thermal insulation, active and inactive louvers, storefront and entry systems

  • Project Type


  • Additional Type